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Key Benefits:


NEW REVO models supersedes the EX series.

  • REVO models have a rotary head that allows 360 degree viewing of the LCD display.

  • Affordable - Starts at $300.00 

  • Accurate - +/-2% Standard

  • Easy to use - Learn in seconds (see pdf file above) 

  • Durable- Designed to take abuse 

  • Two way communication with computer

  • Output torque to computer or data logger

  • Three Measurement units with auto convert (, Nm)

  • Three way Lights and buzzer 

  • Rechargeable Batteries (-P models)

  • Small Arc Ratchet (45 teeth)

  • Programmable Go/No Go target zone 

  • Automatic Clear function

  • Large Easy to Understand Keypad

  • Peak Hold mode captures highest torque reading

  • AutoClear clears the peak torque automatically without pressing keys

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