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Torque transducers convert the physical torque value into an electronic signal that is read by the TTS-2000  torque meter. There are two basic types of transducers- bench mount and In-line extension style. JETCO offers both types of transducers with smart chips installed. Smart chips allow the TTS-2000 meter to automatically detect the range and calibration data associated with that particular transducer. This means that the transducers are truly "plug-and-play" meaning that the data is stored on the transducer and not in the meter.  Any meter and any transducer can be swapped while maintaining accuracy.

Key Benefits

  • Highly accurate strain gage technology

  • Alloy tool steel

  • Female square drive eliminates the need for adapters (Bench mount)

  • Smart chips installed on every transducer

  • Calibration traceable to NIST

  • Shielded cable with quick change booted connector.

  • New BigChipTM  technology allows 10 point calibration to be done by any lab with weights and arms when used with the TTS-2000.

Bench mount transducers are designed specifically to be used as a torque standard used to calibrate and test torque tools such as hand type torque wrenches and also power tools. These transducers are mounted to a bench with a bracket (bracket included on BM1000F and 2000F transducers) and have a female square drive for the attachment of torque tools with male square drives.

Accuracy is .25% or better when used with the TTS-2000 meter.

In-line extension transducers connect between a wrench and a socket and measure the torque that is applied to a fastener.  This versatile type of transducer converts a hand held torque meter into a highly accurate digital torque wrench.  In-line transducers can also be used as a torque wrench tester if they are mounted to a fixture.

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