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The NEW TTS-2000 is the next generation hand held/bench mount torque tester with the performance and features of any high end torque testing system. This system is modular meaning that you can expand your torque range needs as your needs change. No need to buy a new electronic tester for every torque range. The meter will automatically detect the range of the transducer attached and set all calibration data automatically (smart transducers).  This is the last torque tester you will ever need since it has all the necessary features and modes and will adapt to any torque transducer - we guarantee it.


The newest version of the meter launched into space on November 1st, 2010 on the STS 133 (the last Shuttle Discovery mission) and is used in the International Space Station to test power torque tools.


  • Test and calibrate all torque wrenches (includes first peak mode for testing click wrenches)

  • Accuracy: +/- .25%  or better from 10-100% of range (with bench mount transducers) +/- one torque increment.

  • Extremely fast 10,000 sample per second sampling rate means you can test pulse tools

  • Dual processor system for top performance.

  • Quickly set target torque with visual and audible prompting of pass/fail conditions

  • Test your torque wrenches in-house and save money

  • Time Stamp

  • Extensive serial command set for two-way control from a computer or controller (using LabViewTM or Hyperterminal)

  • Analog output port (0-5 volts) automatically scaled to the target torque setting

  • Adapts to any JETCO torque transducer (10 point calibration on new BigChiptm transducers)

  • Adapts to third party torque transducers

  • Reads JETCO legacy transducers (TTS-1000 transducers)

  • Memory for up to 1000 torque values

  • Software selectable filters for power tool testing (170Hz,500Hz,1500Hz,2500Hz,3600Hz)

  • Rechargeable 9 volt battery with power adapter included (run meter while battery is charging)

  • Auto reset for no hands operation, timed reset and manual reset also included.

  • Automatic clockwise and counterclockwise operation

  • USB port and cable comes standard for data transfer to a computer or printer.

  • Recharge the internal 9volt battery directly from a computer or 110v transformer

  • Wide LED light bar for visual Under-Within-Over signals (Yellow-Green-Red)

  • Accuracy and calibration traceable to NIST for ISO requirements.

  • Perfect for calibration labs and all testing  and calibration of torque products

  • 10 point calibration can be carried out by any calibration lab with certified weights and arms (no need for special chip burning equipment)

How to Purchase


The TTS-2000 kit includes:
TTS-2000 torque meter
USB cable
USB-110 volt power adapter
Rechargeable 9 volt battery
Operation manual


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