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USA Built Industrial and Professional
Mechanical and Electronic Torque Products.

eClick Electromechanical Torque Wrench

Finally, an electronic torque wrench with the feel and release of a mechanical clicker type torque wrench.  The advantages of this type of wrench include the accuracy of an electronic torque wrench and the click that the techs love-without the wearing and friction prone components of a mechanical torque wrench.  In addition, this new and exciting product measures the torque and informs the operator if over torque is sensed.  It also has memory for over 450 torque values.


New Preset Torque Screwdriver

Learn more about the MPS Preset Torque screwdriver of Jetco

Torque Testers: TED Series


The TED series of torque testers are accurate, easy to use, robust, and affordable. We understand that most users don’t need many of the features that make other brands expensive, hard to use, and easy to break. These patented testers are 100% self contained and can be mounted on a wall or bench with no extra brackets to purchase. They test all types of torque wrenches with a very high performance circuit. Used by 100’s of large companies, from aerospace to theme parks, to calibrate and do daily torque verification on all types of torque wrenches. Now you can test a torque wrench prior to each use quickly and easily for traceability. No need to send out perfectly fine torque wrenches to be tested. With this N.I.S.T traceable torque tester, you can certify wrenches in-house.

Torque Testers: TTS-2000 Series


The NEW TTS-2000 is the next generation hand held/bench mount torque tester with the performance and features of any high end torque testing system. This system is modular, meaning that you can expand your torque range capability as your needs change. No need to buy a new electronic tester for every torque range. The meter will automatically detect the range of the transducer attached and set all calibration data automatically (smart transducers). This is the last torque tester you will ever need since it has all the necessary features and modes and will adapt to any torque transducer -we guarantee it

Electronic Torque Wrenches:
ED Series


JETCO electronic torque wrenches are accurate, durable, easy to use and easy to learn.These are the first true production electronic torque wrench. No Engineering degree needed to operate this wrench, just turn it on and go to work! 1% accuracy is twice as good as the competition. Perfect for measuring break away torque, bearing friction, valve actuating torque and accurate bolt tightening.

Electronic Ratcheting Swivel Head Torque Wrenches: REVO


NEW REVO models supersede the EX series.

REVO models have a rotary head that allows 360 degree viewing of the LCD display. Extremely rugged, 2% accuracy and very easy to use and train operators.

Mechanical Dial Torque Wrenches


JETCO mechanical dial type torque wrenches are industrial quality, highly accurate and ergonomic. Our new secure bezel design means no more broken/lost, damaged bezels. Each wrench is supplied with a report of calibration traceable to NIST.  Our TORSION drives are produced to exacting standards and are made of the highest grade alloy steel. All torque transferring components are steel. Each wrench has an integral steel guard for dial protection.

Torque Screwdrivers

MADE IN USA! Industrial quality-all metal aircraft aluminum micrometer adjustable torque screwdriver. Precision CNC ground 3 post reaction mechanism results in very repeatable "clicks" without reverse torque application after cam action. 100% CNC machined components. No plastic parts to wear out. CNC machined aluminum lock ring.  Large easy to read laser marked scale.

Torque Transducers

Torque transducers convert the physical torque value into an electronic signal that is read by the TTS-2000  torque meter.  There are two basic types of transducers- bench mount and In-line extension style. JETCO offers both types of transducers with smart chips installed.  Smart chips allow the TTS-2000 meter to automatically detect the range and calibration data associated with that particular transducer.  This means that the transducers are truly "plug-and-play" meaning that the data is stored on the transducer and not in the meter.  Any meter and any transducer can be swapped while maintaining accuracy:


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