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Range: 25-250 in. lb.
Accuracy: +/-1% I.V. (.5% available)
9 Volt battery power only model
• Expanded Useable Range: 10-100% of Full Scale
• Industry Leading Models Available: 10in-oz to 2000
• Industry Leading Sampling Rate: 2500-10,000 per second
• Torsion Drive Design
• Maximum Metal Design (Very Few Plastic Parts)
• Large Easy to Read Digits: .5” High
• Patented Rotary Display: Read From All Directions
• Three Units Of Measure: N.m. (in-oz available)
• Automatic Display Clear
• Three Modes of Operation: Track, Peak Hold, First Peak
• Programmable Tolerance: 1-10%
• Yellow, Green, Red Under-Within-Over torque LED’s
• Audible Buzzer
• Quick and Easy to Learn
• 9 Volt battery powered operation
• N.I.S.T. Certification Suplied With Each Wrench
• Used in Quality Control AND Production Environments
*Torque Screwdriver in picture no included

25-250, TED Torque Tester Battery Powered

SKU: TED-250i
  • Industrial design with integrated mounting bracket and articulating display. Hundreds of companies use this tester as their torque standard for testing click wrenches. Even used by torque wrench manufacturers to calibrate production torque wrenches (thousands per day). Mount this tough torque tester in a vice, on a bench, or on a steel post in any factory.  This tester will test all your torque wrenches (even electric torque screwdrivers)  and give you the confidence that your tools are within specification.  Anywhere there is a torque wrench for production there should also be one of these torque testers. Display rotates for easy viewing at all angles and for long torque wrench testing (Patented). Test click wrenches, screwdrivers and dial wrenches with fast sampling rate and first peak of torque mode. This tester can also be used for calibration laboratories.  Each tester has a high quality, US made torque transducer with reliable and accurate strain gauge technology.

  • TED-250i

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