JETCO electronic torque wrenches are accurate, durable, easy to use and easy to learn. These are the first true production electronic torque wrench. No Engineering degree needed to operate this wrench, just turn it on and go to work!


Patented rotary head allows operator to see the LCD at any angle or position.

25-250, REVO Electronic Torque Wrench Super

SKU: 0016
  • Accurate - +/-2% StandardEasy to use - Learn in seconds (see pdf file above) Durable- Designed to take abuse Two way communication with computer * Output torque to computer or data loggerThree Measurement units with auto convert (, Nm)Three way Lights and buzzer Rechargeable Batteries (-P models)Small Arc Ratchet (45 teeth)Programmable Go/No Go target zone Automatic Clear functionLarge Easy to Understand KeypadPeak Hold mode captures highest torque readingAutoClear clears the peak torque automatically without pressing keys