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Range: 0-2000 ft. lb.
Drive Size: 1"
Includes 5 Extensions
JETCO mechanical dial type torque wrenches are industrial quality, highly accurate and ergonomic. Our new secure bezel design means no more broken/lost, damaged bezels. Each wrench is supplied with a report of calibration traceable to NIST. Our TORSION drives are produced to exacting standards and are made of the highest grade alloy steel. All torque transferring components are steel. Each wrench has an integral steel guard for dial protection.  Torsion drive design results in constent accuracy no matter when you push on the handle (non length dependent).

0-2000, Mechanical Dial Torque Wrench

SKU: D5-2000F
  • 4% accuracy standard

    NEW Secure Bezel Design (no more lost/Broken BezelsLarge no glare scale

    Dual scale means fewer wrenches are needed

    Memory needle on every wrench

    Electric light and buzzer available on all models

    Add "-E" to any model to get signal and light version by calling us at 626-359-2881

    High Alloy TORSION drive design for non-length dependent application of torque (accurate no matter where you press on the handle)

  • D5-2000F

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