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9 Volt Battery Operation Model
Range: 10-100 in. lb.
Drive: 1/4"
JETCO electronic torque wrenches are accurate, durable, easy to use and easy to learn. These are the first true production electronic torque wrench. No Engineering degree needed to operate this wrench, just turn it on and go to work!

10-100, Electronic Dial Wrench 9 Volt Only

SKU: ED-100I
  • 4 times more accurate than conventional torque wrenches (+/-1%)

    Three measurement units (English and Metric) mean fewer wrenches to buy

    Patented Rotary display allows for easy viewing from all angles

    Long lasting-standard 9 volt battery operation

    Red, Green, Yellow lights and buzzer for under, within and over target torque setting

    Greater operation range than conventional wrenches means fewer wrenches to buy.

    NIST traceable certificate supplied with each wrench for ISO 9000 traceability

    Non-length dependent design

  • ED-100i

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