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15-75 ft-lbs see catalog for additional information



Patented Electro-Mechanical Design

• NO torque springs, pawls or cams to wear out and change accuracy

• Same sound and feel as a mechanical click wrench without the well known problems

• Electronic precision with the desirable feel of a click wrench

• Wrench prompts the operator if over torque is sensed after click! • Flex head design for enhanced accessibility

• NOT just a mechanical click wrench with a digital scale. The click is triggered electronically

• NOT just a “snapping” split beam type wrench-this wrench releases like a clicker • Proven industrial design • Backlit display

• Clockwise= Click +Buzzer+Display+LED’s (Green and Red).

• Counterclockwise= Display+Buzzer+LED’s (Green and Red)

• Display deviation value: +/-2%, +/- 1 digit

• Data output via sealed USB com port

• Memory for up to 7,500 fasteners

• Angle adapter available

• N.I.S.T Certification supplied with each wrench

• Password lock for production preset torque

• Don’t settle for a vibration! GET THE CLICK BACK!

• Finally!......The best of both worlds!

EC-75F eClick Electronic Torque Wrench

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