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TED Series "Factory Floor" Torque Testers

This torque tester is easy to use, very accurate and very affordable. While the price point is low the feature list is long. Mount this tough torque tester in a vice, on a bench or on a steel post in any factory. This tester will test all your torque wrenches (even electric torque screwdrivers) and give you the confidence that your tools are within specification. Anywhere there is a torque wrench for production there should also be one of these torque testers. Display rotates for easy viewing at all angles and for long torque wrench testing (Patented). Test click wrenches, screwdrivers and dial wrenches with fast sampling rate and first peak of torque mode. This tester can also be used for calibration laboratories. Each tester has a high quality, US made torque transducer with reliable and accurate strain gauge technology. USB port for sending torque data to a computer or data logger (great for traceability). USB adapter version does not require 110 volt transformer (battery recharges via USB port).

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